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Fundraising Guide- the power of fundraising

By creating a fundraising page on Sister India, not only are you showing somebody they're worth it, you're giving the people you love the most a chance to experience the deep fulfillment that comes from giving. This guide should empower you with the tools you need to have the most successful fundraising page possible!

1. Lead the way in giving.
Show your potential supporters that you're serious about this cause. Be the first to click that big DONATE button on your page and watch your thermometer rise!

2. Personalize your page.
Add a profile pic of yourself. Many people may not care about neglected people in India yet, but they DO care about YOU! Add your own photos, videos & text that express your PERSONAL passion for education in India. Write about why you care!

3. Send your first email.
Click the email icon on your fundraising page. A basic email that's already been written for you will pop up. You can edit it to make it your own, enter your recipients and send! If you're feeling gun-shy, just send it to your five closest contacts. Getting your "inner circle" to donate to your page will help you build up some momentum. It's also good to start with the people you are most comfortable with!
Studies show that as you make progress towards your fundraising goal people become more and more likely to donate to you (success breeds success!). When you start with your closest contacts and work outwards, you ensure that you build up progress from your core supporters before you reach out to the people who are less likely to donate. This means maximizing your chances of successfully meeting (or exceeding) your fundraising goal!

Always Remember: When you're writing to your contacts, just be yourself. If something feels forced or inauthentic, scrap it. Personal is always best.

 4. Share the vision video.
We created this short video so that the people you love can catch the vision of education in India. Share this video to your Facebook friends, Twitter followers and blog subscribers--- if you write a sentence about how this moves you, they'll be a lot more interested to listen.
5.   Use social media in a meaningful way.
Tag & thank...
Get started on Facebook by tagging the people that have already donated to you and thanking them for their donations. When you tag someone your post gets shared in your activity feed and the other person's activity feed too. This also sets the frame that people are already donating to your page (remember success breeds success!).

Become an all-star hurdler...
Set internal goals (e.g. 200 dollars by the end of week two, 400 dollars by end of week four, etc.). Use your social media accounts to give updates of your progress towards each goal and ask for people to help you get over the next hurdle.
People like good news...
Don't make every post an "ask". Share inspiring news stories or other positive anecdotes about the cause too!
Be a giver of simple gifts...
Consider offering your own gifts to friends and family who help you reach your goal. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant, just a token of your appreciation. Offer to bake cookies for your next supporter!
Use any of these visual resources...
We created graphics that work great on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter. Post one to your feed or even change your cover photo/profile pic to one of these little visual treats. Click to view the full version--- or right click to download!

6. Send your second email.
This second email is perfect for refreshing everyone of your goal, encouraging them to jump on board and sharing about the progress that's been made so far! If you're doing your campaign around a special event or birthday, be sure to include that too.
Here’s a starter email you can copy & paste:
Dear friend, I haven't felt this excited in a long while. I started my page to raise money for education in India, and every update I get about friends joining in warms my heart. Check out our progress here! I'm only $____ away from my goal. I only have ___ days left, and I'm really believing to reach it. Will you help me? Giving is really easy--- it only takes a minute--- just click here: Together we can show people they're worth it. We can empower Indians to choose education & health for their kids instead of child marriage and child labor. We can give them the income generating skills they need to forge a new future for their families. For more, watch the video on my page: (copy & paste the URL of your fundraising page). Thank you! (Your Name) P.S. If you want to learn more about how you can help by making your own page just ask me!

7. Say, "Thank you!"
We created a Thank You email for you! Send your email by clicking the email icon on your page. Be sure to choose the "Thank you" template in the drop down menu.
Tag & thank on Facebook or @mention a thank you on Twitter!
Comment on the donation activity on your page.

I'd love to help answer any questions you have! Comment here and I'll do my best to help you implement your creative ideas, or get you going if you're stumped!

Have fun!!
Charlotte & the Sister India Team



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Creative Fundraising Ideas

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