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How to create a fundraising page on Sister India


his post will give you step by step instructions on how to create your own page on To register click this link: Let's get started! 

1. Set Up Your Account
Enter your information to create an account. Click “That was quick!” to submit.

2. Create Custom URL
Replace “yournamehere” with a unique name for friends to find your fundraising page. Then click “Create my URL now”. Click “OK” to reload page with your information.

3. Verify Your Account
You should have received an email with a link to verify your account. IMPORTANT: Your page will not be live to the public until you complete this step.

4. Congratulations, you've created your page!From here, you can customize and personalize your page by completing the checklist on the right, or click “View My Page” on the upper left.  

Customizing is OPTIONAL. If you wish to skip customizing, click "View My Page" on the upper left and scroll down to Step 8.

5. View My Page
This is your fundraising home page! Let’s customize it.

6. Changing photos.
You can change your profile photo and the banner photo by hovering your mouse over the existing images. For the banner image, you can choose from a selection of Sister India photos, or upload your own photo.

7. Edit My...
Below the banner, the box titled "Edit My" allows you to change the welcome message, edit your fundraising goal, upload a profile photo, and change the URL and Facebook ID.

8. Share Your Page
Now that your page is complete, share your page with your friends to start fundraising! The “share” option is located toward the bottom right of your page. Choose to share via social media or email.

9. Share Via Email
Select template or create your own text. Click “Save” at the bottom to send later, or click “Send Email” to send now!

And you’re done! Thank you for your support to help our sisters in India! Happy fundraising!


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