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It Takes a Village



You’ve heard the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child,” but in this story, a little girl is making waves in hers. 

Lily is a 12 year-old-girl who comes from a poor family in India. She is the third child of five with three other sisters and one brother.  Her father works as a mechanic earning very little; what money he does make is put toward his alcohol and tobacco addictions, leaving her mother to provide for the family.

Lily’s mother earns 100-150 Indian rupees per day cutting pieces of cloth, which is roughly $1.44 to $2.15 American dollars. With this meager amount, she must provide for her family of seven. Lily and her sister often help their mother with her work cutting cloth. 

Lily learned about our classes through her sister and started attending regularly. She is always on time and eager to learn! Our teachers encouraged her and taught her literacy skills, and she is now able to read words in Hindi. Her teachers say that she continues to improve, and she spends two hours each day studying. Lily is passionate about her education and works very hard at her studies.

Other children from Lily’s village noticed how excited she was about learning and started attending the class as well! Most of these children are rag pickers, who collect waste and anything they can find on the streets to sell for rupees. Lily encourages the children in her village to attend the class with her and many have!  Education has filled this little girl with hope, so much that she could not help but share it with others. Her influence has been life-altering for children around her who are getting the education they so greatly need and crave. 

Lily hopes that one day she can become a doctor so that she can help the poor and her own family. She encourages her family to be healthy, continues her studies and helps her mom with her work.

We are truly amazed by Lily and how a single person can create a ripple effect that can influence future generations to come. For just $25 you can sponsor a new student like Lily. As Mother’s Day is approaching consider giving the gift that will make a difference in the lives of women and girls in India who need it the most.

During the month of May donate any amount in honor of your mother, or any inspiring woman you know and we’ll send them a personalized card letting them know you did. Send us an email at with your name, the name and address of the person you are honoring, and a short message. Donate today to ensure your card arrives before Mother's Day!

We are very blessed by our donors. Matching funds are available for first-time donors. For those who already sponsor students matching funds are available for each additional student and class sponsored.  

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