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Neha and her husband have a daughter and a son. Because of ill health, 
she couldn't work in the fields to help her family earn much needed income.

Without an education, agricultural work is how most poor Indian 
women help with the family income. It is back-breaking work, and pays very little. 

As part of her Sister India class, Neha received small business training and 
learned how to make and sell products.  She prepared soaps and gave them
 to her husband to sell.

Neha's husband sold her soaps in the evening. Because of the high 
demand in a nearby tourist area, he could sell 50 to 70 soaps within two hours!

Neha and her husband were able to save some money and rent a building
near the tourist area to open their own shop. Thanks to your kind assistance, 
Neha can read, write and do the basic accounting she needs to 
take care of their shop.


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