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An Inheritance of Hope & Freedom

I often say that I have a rich inheritance, but it’s not a reference to family money. My inheritance comes from generations of examples of giving to help others. It’s found in stories about my grandparents, who managed to help others while raising nine children on a farming income. My parents also demonstrated a lifestyle of assistance to others. Most of their help now goes to India, and in a sense, my inheritance is there: within its borders, on the faces of its people. Even now, as I write this, I am on a plane on the way to India!

There, in India, friends have become family, their joys and struggles are mine. Two of our sons (Philip and Stephen) are traveling with me, going to visit family friends they have only heard of until now, and accompanying me to some of the classes Sister India works to support.*

I can see the inheritance in the broad smiles of Indian women, who now have a future and hope that they would never have except for literacy classes which set them …