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Men speaking out for women this Father's Day

Why is it important for men to speak up for women in the face of abuse, inequality, and devaluing? To answer that question, I’d like to first address another issue: why do men seek to control, abuse, and dominate women? In his book, King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine , author Robert Moore addresses some of the psychological and anthropological reasons behind male dominance over women. His analysis? Men have not been initiated, ritualized, nor taught how to be responsible, blessed, and gentle people. We have males in adult bodies but with a “boy psychology” (borrowing Moore’s phrase) filled with immaturity, irresponsibility, and sometimes untamed sexual energies seeking to oppress. Much of the work that men must do is to undergo the process of claiming their masculinity in adulthood and becoming responsible human beings that bless women and men alike. I grew up seeing women abused in my family of origin. It stretched ou

My first Father’s Day

  This will be my first Father’s Day as a father. My wife and I are expecting our firstborn, a sweet baby girl, in about a month. As I understand it, Father’s Day is a good day to be a dad. You get all the red meat you could want, you can watch a Lee Marvin flick with impunity, and you get the love and admiration of your family in the form of cards with glued-on elbow macaroni. Having grown up with a scrappy younger brother, I have only a vague and hypothetical understanding of what girls are like. My childhood may not have clued me in to the particular care and feeding that my little girl will need as she grows into the woman she’s destined to be. But I do know that little girls are a treasure, and it breaks my heart to know that globally, girls face abuse, neglect and exploitation daily. Fathers are an integral part of our families and an essential part of this world. Your presence, attention and kindness at home lead to the stability that helps your family thriv