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Meet Annaya

The school year is more than halfway through! We ’d like to introduce a student whose life is being transformed by your compassion and kindness. Annaya, pictured above, is a student in one of our classes. She loves to learn, and is very grateful that she finally has the opportunity! As a young girl, Annaya’s heart was broken. She had a passion for learning, but her parents said that education is not for girls.  Despite her opposition and resistance, Annaya  was married by her parents at the age of 15. Ten years later, now 25 years old, Annaya has four children and struggles with health problems due to teenage pregnancies. Annaya’s husband Shreyas has a job, but he abused liquor which left insufficient funds to care for the children. Concerned, Annaya took a job as a maid but still did not have enough to provide for the family. One evening, walking home from work,  Anna encountered one of our teachers named Zara who invited her to the class  meeting in Annaya’s village