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We're Thankful for Changed Lives!

Here are some incredible milestones the students have accomplished through the 2016/17 school year, thanks to your compassionate support. (We are still awaiting final reports from one group of classes, and we'll update these numbers when they are received). In this season of Thanksgiving, we are grateful for your support, and for the many lives that have been beautifully transformed! Thousands of students, their families and communities  are being restored and renewed because of your assistance: Girls are now in school, instead of in early marriage or child labor.  Families thrive; business skills are learned and incomes increase, preventing trafficking.  New medical and sanitary practices bring health and wholeness.  In hundreds of communities, and thousands of lives, you have brought incredible change and new life. And this is only the beginning for them. On their behalf,  "Thank you for caring!" SPONSOR A STUDENT