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A Path to Freedom

Why does Sister India provide holistic classes to uplift and protect Indian women and girls? Studies show that education is the single best way to change the life of an oppressed woman or girl.  Education also breaks the cycle of abuse and oppression for her daughter.  An educated mother shows less son preference, and is more likely to educate her daughter as well as her sons. What do we mean when we talk about holistic adult education classes? The majority of Sister India students come to us between the ages of 15-35 without a background of formal education. They also include widows, who have been abandoned by their families and are at great risk.   As children, many of our students were married off young, or sent to work instead of school to help provide for their family’s meager income.   There are high rates of child marriage in the populations we serve.   When a girl in India is married, she is pulled out of her home and school, and sent to live and work in the home of her new