The Importance of Educating Mothers

“[E]ducated mothers lift households, communities, and nations out of poverty.” ~India Today

It would be hard to overstate the benefits that a mother’s education – especially at the elementary level – has on her own and her children’s wellbeing. She and her children are healthier, suffer less from crushing poverty, and can learn, pursue their dreams and thrive. To uplift a woman, a child, a home, a community, or a nation . . . educate a mother.  She benefits and grows, and she pours all she receives back into her family and her community.

At Sister India, our research and first-hand experience have proven this true. After graduation, roughly 30% of students – many with multiple children – begin sending their children to school for the first time. These moms are empowered to help their children understand their school lessons, and can also help them navigate school and the world around them wisely.

27% of our graduates once advocated for child marriage and no longer do, and 26% are able to end their reliance on child labor, so daughters and sons can go to school instead. Each year, our students and their communities are educated to be aware of and watchful for traffickers. Families are lifted above the poverty level, and able to resist the terrible financial pressure to traffic their own children or marry them off as girls. Educated mothers are more likely to educate their daughters as well as their sons.  They are able to provide their daughters and their children with a better future!

Educating a mother truly has a ripple effect that extends to multiple generations and plays an important role in shaping a healthy society. The gifts you give equip them to change the world!

Sister India

Sister India