Prevention is Essential

The high rates of trafficking among the oppressed populations we serve is one of the reasons the Thomson Reuters Foundation named India as the most dangerous country in the world for females.  Once someone is trafficked, rescue is unlikely.

To end trafficking in India we must stop the flow of human lives into exploitation.
Tragically, only 1% of all people who have been trafficked are rescued.  According to Gary Haugen of IJM, traffickers in India are more likely to be struck by lightning than to be prosecuted for their crimes.  

Your support shines a bright ray of hope, equipping students, their families and communities to prevent trafficking.

Your support serves the most vulnerable populations in India, and gives them the tools they need to prevent and resist trafficking in their families and their communities.  Students are educated to recognize the dangers so they can protect their children and communities against trafficking.  Because of their increased incomes and new savings habits, families have the financial tools they need to avoid the traps set by traffickers.  

Thank you!

Sister India

Sister India