Two Lives Changed

Anila lives in a rural village in India with her daughter Pari and family. Anila is very poor, but that hasn’t stopped her from having big dreams for Pari.

Anila works long, backbreaking hours as a field laborer just to keep Pari from becoming a child laborer or a child bride. Many children in Anila’s poor, rural village are married, at the average age of 12. Impoverished families also sell their children to the traffickers who come to their village, tragically thinking they will give them a better life.  Anila regularly feels hopeless. Two men visit her village and promise to take Pari to a wealthy family. Anila longs for more for her daughter…would Pari be better off with them?

Anila’s story is the terrible reality for thousands of women and families across India and Nepal.  They face the heartbreaking pressures of trafficking, child labor and early child marriages.

Yet, thanks to you, they have joy!

When a Sister India class was started in her village, Anila attended regularly with Pari at her side. Anila learned that the men who came to the village were traffickers and would have taken Pari to a terrible place.  Now Anila is armed to recognize and resist traffickers.

Her teacher taught Anila about health and wellness, small business training, reading and writing, gardening, and math skills. Day by day, step by step, Anila lifted her family from poverty, put all of her children in school, and broke the cycle of oppression.  Thanks to the generosity of Sister India's supporters, Anila and Pari have a bright future ahead.

Sister India

Sister India